Sept. 4 - Sept. 6th, 2015   

Brian Slark -Technical Director at the world famous Barber Motorcycle Museum and helped set up the Guggenheims “Art of the Motorcycle Exhibit” and was inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame in 2012. Since Norton is the featured marque this year at this years Motorcycle Classics Magazine Bike Show at the Bonneville Vintage GP there is no one more qualified to be this years guest judge.
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Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame - Brian Slark
Richard Backus - Editor in Chief of Motorcycle Classics Magazine. Richard will again join us at this years Motorcycle Classics Magazine Motorcycle Show as judge and to talk motorcycle with you. Come meet the man in charge of the only magazine published in the US specializing in a wide array vintage motorcycles.
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The Extreme Sport Of Sidecar Roadracing is coming to the Bonneville Vintage GP!

The heart of any business is the concepts of Teamwork, Partnership, and Trust. Sidecar Racers Association West Sidecar Racing is the ultimate demonstration of these concepts. The aerodynamic and high-speed breed of animal called the Racing Sidecar is neither automobile nor motorcycle.

For the spectators, one noted race personality once stated: "It's the one class of racing that spectators don't leave the stands for a hot dog."

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