Aug. 29th - Aug. 31th, 2014   

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In the world of motorcycle racing, there are places and events that have become legendary. The Isle of Man, Laguna Seca, Brands Hatch, Daytona...

This year you can be part of this annual event at the longest road racing facility in North America - that will very soon... also be legendary.

The BVGP will again be running back to back with the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials making this one of the most unique and exciting motorcycle weeks in the world!

Ride For Hope

Now you can get an on the track view of what the racers are experiencing! On Saturday and Sunday you can do parade laps on your own motorcycle around the track during lunch for a $10.00 donation (Helmet and riding gear required). This will go to directly benefit the new Hope Lodge that the American Cancer Society is building on 3rd East and 1st South in Salt Lake City. The Hope Lodge offers cancer patients and their caregiver traveling from out of town free lodging (sometimes for more than a month) during the course of their cancer treatment or recovery after surgery) in a clean and environmentally safe facility. Look for the sign up area near the AHRMA tech area near GP Garage 17.

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The Extreme Sport Of Sidecar Roadracing is coming to the Bonneville Vintage GP!

The heart of any business is the concepts of Teamwork, Partnership, and Trust. Sidecar Racers Association West Sidecar Racing is the ultimate demonstration of these concepts. The aerodynamic and high-speed breed of animal called the Racing Sidecar is neither automobile nor motorcycle.

For the spectators, one noted race personality once stated: "It's the one class of racing that spectators don't leave the stands for a hot dog."

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